Monday, 16 September 2013

I'm back!

Its been a month since my last post and so much has happened! I've started working, started sixth form and grown up a heck of a lot. I took a few months off blogging to relax, earn some money working and have fun but I can safely say I'M BACK! And this time I mean it.

For the last week Becky from Rose Petals has been working super hard redesigning my blog into something more 'me' and I absolutely love the result. She is so talented and was absolutely amazing. I'd highly recommend her and for all the work she puts in, she charges only £30! (Becky if your reading this, thank you so much!)

I've missed you all,


  1. Yay! :)xo

  2. Aww thankyou very much, so glad you like the design :) xx