Saturday, 6 April 2013

I've had my haircut!

I've had my hair cut! I bit the bullet and went for a full fringe and so far I'm loving the change. I'm still working out how best to wear it, I'm thinking soft waves/curls through the ends and voluminous at the crown - otherwise it can look a bit helmet hair. I'm determined to make it work though. I might invest in some GHDs, a round thermal brush and some Oribe volume texture spray.  But for now my Remington straighteners and batiste will have to do. I really do NEED to get a job.


  1. It looks really pretty a front fringe really suits you! xx

  2. Really love your blog! Now following you, you can check out my blog and follow back on GFC or Bloglovin' if you wish(:


    1. Thanks. Of course, I will look at it now. x

  3. My hair is a similar style to yours and I'm always worried it will look like a helmet haha!love the soft waves though :) very pretty xx