Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fashionista Juicy Apricot Blush - This is love

This photo doesn't really do it justice. I need to be in front of a window for my digital camera to be remotely effective and because of that it washes me (and the blush) out so you can't really see it. I need a Canon 600D! 

Meet possibly the nicest blush in the world. It doesn't look like anything special and for £4 it's possibly the cheapest blush I own but it is by far my favourite. The two things that really do it for me are a, how pigmented it it and b, the colour. You need the tiniest amount of this blended out and the result is gorgeous. It just brightens. Its a lovely orange-peach colour, quite bright and perfect for spring. Its slightly chalky but honestly I don't think its matters. This is love. 


  1. Ooh that looks such a gorgeous colour!
    Also I absolutely love your hair, such a nice colour and fringe :D xx

  2. Love your top and you hair cut suits you so well. You look gorgeous!! :)

    Have a Magnificent Monday!

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